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Part I - Request
To: (Appraisor)
RSL Appraisal
From: (Name, Address, Contact)
Applicant: (Name, Address, Contact)
Lender Information: (Name, Address, Contact)
Authorization: (Signature)                  Title:            Date:

Part II - Property and Mortgage Information
Property Type: Occupancy Status:
Number of Units:
Type of Loan:
Rental Analysis Required:
Lien Position: Loan Purpose:
Sale Price: $
Estimated Value: $
Loan Amount: $
Property Address: (Include County)
Estate will be held in:

Expiration Date(if leasehold):
Legal Description:
Escrow Company:
Title Company:
Listing Agent:
Selling Agent:
Part III - Appraisal Information
Appraisal Type:
Due Date:
Appraisal Order Number:
Estimate of Value Should Be:
Appraisal Cost:
Appraisal Type(s) Ordered:
Payment Method:
Email Appraisal To:
Contact for Entry (If not the same as Borrower):
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